Saturday, May 8, 2010

buat masa ni aku tak boleh dengan kau

first time we met 4 years ago..
we admit that we had a good conversation about each other.

we admit that each of us could make a rainbow in our heart.

we admit that we could be good friends.

within these years..
we admit that we think about each other every time we don't have anyone to think about.

we admit that we promised that we should not suppose to tell anyone about us and what we mean for each other.

we admit that we were not there when either one of us need a shoulder to cry on.

we admit that we are not meant to be together.

we admit that it will never work between me and you.

we admit that there's nothing between me and you since the first time we've met.

we admit that after all these years that we've been through, we've been such a fucking dick.

i admit that we should take other path and make move.

u admit that we have choices.

but we admit that we choose to stay.

early today..
we admit that we've made the wrong choice.

we admit that one of us must stay and the other must leave.

i choose to leave. you choose to stay.

just now..
we admit we can't.

so at the end we've come out with a decision

we pretend to leave and then we'll meet again


don't ask when.

so long and goodbye for now.